A journey to beautiful Greece
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A call to Greeks, wherever they live!

Dear friends,

We are proud to invite you to our new page, “A journey to our beautiful Homeland”, a journey along with our deepest thoughts and precepts.

A call to all Greeks, wherever they may be!

Unfortunately, no analyses are actually necessary to understand the financial burden of our country, the so called financial crisis!

Take a look to everyday life in Greece, “rich” in poverty, misfortune, despair, grief, anger, crime, suicides and other, less lethal but still deteriorating, means of escaping reality.

Unemployment rates reach 28% of Greeks that are still able to work efficiently. The pensioners live in despair.

Half of Greek young adults seek employment opportunities, without asking for terms or conditions, but in vain!

It is not our intention to show who or what is responsible for this situation, after all, by what authority should we make such statements?

Nevertheless, it is obvious that the summer of the year 2013 is the most crucial period of the last 10 years. It is time for the last stand, the last stand of Greece towards salvation. This stand consists only from our tourist enterprises. Any other possible solution seems to lead to a long-term, uncertain economic recovery. We call upon all Greeks to join together in a final effort to save our homeland.

We suggest:

  • No Greek should spend his vacation time abroad this summer. Our beautiful country awaits for us!
  • We call upon all Greeks who live and work abroad, whose numbers seem to match the current Greek population, to visit their homeland this summer.




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